Enhela – High Priest Superior Aide
[High Priest Superior Aide]
Rarity 4★
Type Intelligence
Role Healer
Race Humanoid
Basic attack Magic
Stats Max Value
6,1591,168 at level 1

5,839 at max level
+320 from skills
4,521882 at level 1

4,321 at max level
+200 from skills
2,4361,168 at level 1

2,336 at max level
+100 from skills
337119 at level 1

297 at max level
+40 from skills
Damage Taken
Flame Wind Earth Water Ice Shining Thunder Darkness Poison
Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal +25% +25% -25% -25%

Active Middle Cure Wounds 4 mp Healer
Ingame description Restores one ally's HP
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 9%
Healing Heal one ally for
36961320 at unit level 1, skill level 1
Active Mental Boost + 2 mp Tank
Ingame description Decreases magic damage taken by an ally
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 12%
Advantage Give one ally
+5%+3.75% at skill level 1
Magical damage reduced for 3 turns
Active All Regenerate 5 mp Healer
Ingame description Grants HP recovery over time for all allies
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 6%
Advantage Give party
+10%+7.5% at skill level 1
HP Regeneration for 3 turns
Passive Physical resistance up Tank
Ingame description Physical damage taken decreased
+5%+2.5% at skill level 1
Physical damage reduced
Overdrive Light Pillar
Ingame description Deals light element magic damage to all
foes and decreases their critical hit rate
Damage Deal
68%62% at overdrive 1
Shining type Magic damage to all enemies
with a bonus
+9%+6% at overdrive 1
element rateElement rate:
an elemental damage buff,
but for this attack only

Debuff inflict
-18%-12% at overdrive 1
Critical to all enemies for 3 turns
High Priest Superior Aide – Enhela

Character name: Enhela Reed Ghabi Race: Humanoid Role: Healer Type: Intelligence

Enhela Reed Ghabi is the aide to the High Priest Superior, who appeared as one of the representatives of the Slane Theocracy at the Summit.

Few facts are known about this man.

As the title suggests, his role is to assist the High Priest Superior in the Theocracy. His attitude and behavior is calm, with a smile never leaving his face, and his skills easily prevent Fluder Paradyne’s magic, even though it is not aimed at him…

Whether this is due to some kind of special equipment or ability, or purely due to his true strength, is totally unknown. He may be a typical talented Theocracy faith type Magic Caster, but there is still a possibility that he is not. In any case, it seems that he is above a certain level of combat ability and possesses superior intellect.