Delta – Follower of Jaldabaoth
[Follower of Jaldabaoth]
Rarity 4★
Type Technical
Role Enhancer
Race Doll
Basic attack Physical
Stats Max Value
5,8711,111 at level 1

5,551 at max level
+320 from skills
5,494900 at level 1

4,412 at max level
+200 from skills
+882 from affection
2,8721,155 at level 1

2,310 at max level
+100 from skills
+462 from affection
333118 at level 1

293 at max level
+40 from skills
Damage Taken
Flame Wind Earth Water Ice Shining Thunder Darkness Poison
-25% +25% +25% Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal

Active Body Strengthen + 2 mp Enhancer
Ingame description Raises the user's physical attack
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 12%
Buff Give
+50%+37.5% at skill level 1
Physical attack to self for 3 turns
Active Mass Slight Slow 4 mp Enhancer
Ingame description Reduces the speed of all foes
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 9%
Debuff inflict
-25%-18.75% at skill level 1
Speed to all enemies for 3 turns
Active Sniper Shot 3 mp Attacker
Ingame description Deals physical damage to one foe
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 6%
Damage Deal
130%115% at skill level 1
Physical damage to one enemy
Critical rate of 1.56%.
+5% to stun
Passive Speed up Enhancer
Ingame description Speed raised
+5%+2.5% at skill level 1
Overdrive Blazing Break Shot
Ingame description Deals fire elemental physical damage to all foes
Damage Deal
68.75%62% at overdrive 1
Flame type Physical damage to all enemies
with a bonus
+22%+15% at overdrive 1
element rateElement rate:
an elemental damage buff,
but for this attack only

Follower of Jaldabaoth – Delta

Character name: CZ Delta

Race: Doll Role: Enhancer Type: Technique

Subordinate of Jaldabaoth, a demon lord who led a great number of demons in a surprise attack on the Royal Capital.

Her face is hidden behind a mask, and she’s wearing an unusual maid outfit. According to the assessment of Evileye from the Adamantine-class adventurers The Blue Rose, the power of the maids under Jaldabaoth is more or less equivalent to theirs. However, Delta fought Evileye with Alpha, and together they really crushed her.

Delta excels at offering cover fire from long distances with projectiles. The timing of her support and interference are marvelous, and when she tried to move away from Alpha, who excels at close-quarter combat, she prevented Evileye from flying up by shooting at her. She pummeled Evileye, who is a magic caster who specializes in medium distances, and created a strong defense.

Her real identity is CZ Delta, one of the battle maids from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. As part of Demiurge’s “plan,” he transformed himself into Jaldabaoth so that he could hide his identity and go outside into the world. ¥To avoid damaging the reputation of the adventurer Momon, he never was planning to kill his colleague Evileye, and it would be a kind of mock battle. However, if she had told the maids of his plan, it would have shattered the illusion, as it looked like she and Yuri were fighting for real.