Zeta – Follower of Jaldabaoth
[Follower of Jaldabaoth]
Rarity 4★
Type Speed
Role Tank
Race Insect
Basic attack Physical
Stats Max Value
6,6351,263 at level 1

6,315 at max level
+320 from skills
5,111835 at level 1

4,093 at max level
+200 from skills
+818 from affection
3,4681,404 at level 1

2,807 at max level
+100 from skills
+561 from affection
307107 at level 1

267 at max level
+40 from skills
Damage Taken
Flame Wind Earth Water Ice Shining Thunder Darkness Poison
+25% Normal Normal -25% -25% Normal Normal Normal Normal

Active Defense Strengthen + 2 mp Tank
Ingame description Increases the user's defense
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 12%
Buff Give
+15%+11.25% at skill level 1
Defense to self for 3 turns
Active Taunt + 3 mp Tank
Ingame description Decreases the damage the user receives but makes it easier to be targeted by foes
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 12%
Advantage Give self
125%94% at skill level 1
Provoke for 3 turns
Advantage Give self
+10%+7.5% at skill level 1
Damage reduced for 2 turns
Active Beetle and Mantis 4 mp Enhancer
Ingame description Deals physical damage to one foe and inflicts paralysis
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 6%
Damage Deal
130%115% at skill level 1
Physical damage to one enemy
Critical rate of 1.56%.
+5% to stun
28%22% at unit level 1
to inflict Paralysis to one enemy for 3 turns
Passive Physical defense up Tank
Ingame description Physical defense raised
+5%+2.5% at skill level 1
Physical defense
Overdrive Fly Breath
Ingame description Deals poison elemental physical damage to all foes and inflicts poison
Damage Deal
65%60% at overdrive 1
Poison type Physical damage to all enemies
with a bonus
+22%+15% at overdrive 1
element rateElement rate:
an elemental damage buff,
but for this attack only

37%30% at unit level 1
to inflict
7.5%+5% at overdrive 1
Poison to one enemy for 3 turns
Follower of Jaldabaoth – Zeta

Character name: Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

Race: Insect Role: Tank Type: Speed

Subordinate of Jaldabaoth, a demon lord who led a great number of demons in a surprise attack on the Royal Capital.

Commonly known as the “insect maid.” After she finished a job and was snacking on some “leftovers,” she encountered Gagaran, a warrior of the Adamantite-class adventurers The Blue Rose, who engaged her in combat. Then Gagaran’s comrade Tina joined the fight as well, but Entoma appeared to be strong enough to bring both of them down. However, she had a weakness against Evileye’s “Vermin Bane” ability, and thus the tables were turned on her. Although she managed to escape successfully thanks to the appearance of her master Jaldabaoth, because she had lost her “voice,” she harbored a strong intent to kill Evileye.

Entoma loves human flesh, and uses cocoons for various purposes, even creating a cute mask out of a cocoon. However, as far as the members of The Blue Rose are concerned, she is a monster. She uses a “lip bug” to produce her cute voice, which was stripped from her by Evileye’s “Vermin Bane,” forcing her to use her own dreaded voice, which made her want to kill Evileye for what she did.

Her real identity is Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, one of the Battle Maids from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. As part of Demiurge’s “Plan,” he transformed himself into Jaldabaoth so that he could hide his identity and go outside into the world. If she would ever meet Evileye again, she would like nothing more than to steal her voice. However, if she killed her, she could damage the reputation of the adventurer Momon, her companion, so she’ll have to endure and not act on her personal grudge. That’s a good girl.