Solution – Experimental Subject
[Experimental Subject]
Rarity 5★
Type Intelligence
Role Tank
Race Slime
Basic attack Physical
Stats Max Value
9,2391,748 at level 1

8,739 at max level
+500 from skills
5,844934 at level 1

4,620 at max level
+300 from skills
+924 from affection
3,8101,525 at level 1

3,050 at max level
+150 from skills
+610 from affection
399140 at level 1

349 at max level
+50 from skills
Damage Taken
Flame Wind Earth Water Ice Shining Thunder Darkness Poison
Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal +25% +25% -50% -50%

Active Provoke 2 mp Tank
Ingame description Makes the user more easily targeted
by foes
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 12%
Advantage Give self
150%113% at skill level 1
Provoke for 3 turns
Active Mid-rank Healing 3 mp Healer
Ingame description Restores the user's HP
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 12%
Healing Heal self for
46801560 at unit level 1, skill level 1
Active Injection Time 4 mp Enhancer
Ingame description Excluding the user, increases the attack
of an ally and nullifies physical
damage once
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 6%
Buff Give
+50%+37.5% at skill level 1
Attack to for 3 turns
Advantage Give Immune to physical damage for 1 stack
Passive Regeneration Healer
Ingame description HP recovers over time
+10%+5% at skill level 1
HP Regeneration
Passive Near-death DEF up Tank
Ingame description Physical defense raised when the user's HP
is 50% or less
+50%+25% at skill level 1
Physical defense while HP is 50% or lower
Overdrive Blood Transfusion
Ingame description The user takes damage, increasing its
attack, defense, and speed
Damage Deal
130%130% at overdrive 1
Physical damage to self
Buff Give
+25%+25% at skill level 1
All parameters to self for 3 turns
Experimental Subject – Solution

Character name: Solution Epsilon

Race: Slime Role: Tank Type: Intelligence

Solution Epsilon is a battle maid working in the Great Tomb of Nazarick and a member of the Pleiades.

This time, she is equipped with equipment prepared to help with a Demiurge-designed plan.

In the plan, her role is to nurse the subjects brought away from the city by Demiurge’s minions. If someone complains of pain, she uses a syringe to inject liquid to relieve the pain, and keeps detailed medical records of this process.

Those who have been cared for by her will be released from the pain instantaneously, surely making her look like an angel in a white coat. But that too is all just a temporary moment of peace. Administered is a special item that is a mixture of a drug prepared by Demiurge and a poison formulated in her body.

The eyes of the humans that continue to get administered this lose their vitality, the color of their skin changes, their human mind is forgotten, and they eventually become an undead. In the plan, not only can the created undead be used as a force in battle, but the administered liquid also changes further in their bodies, and it can be diverted as a special potion that has various effects.

It’s an amazing plan that can be likened to killing two birds with one stone. No, in her case, she may be killing three birds with one stone because she can hear the moaning of the humans before they become undead.

During battle, she skillfully uses the liquid produced at that time, and not only does it support allies, by injecting herself innumerous times it also demonstrates tremendous power.

For the sake of Nazarick, and for her pleasure, someone’s screams will reverberate yet again tonight.