Momonga – Warrior Phase
[Warrior Phase]
Rarity 5★
Type Speed
Role Tank
Race Undead
Basic attack Physical
Stats Max Value
8,5041,601 at level 1

8,004 at max level
+500 from skills
6,5241,049 at level 1

5,187 at max level
+300 from skills
+1,037 from affection
4,4191,779 at level 1

3,558 at max level
+150 from skills
+711 from affection
388136 at level 1

338 at max level
+50 from skills
Damage Taken
Flame Wind Earth Water Ice Shining Thunder Darkness Poison
+25% Normal Normal -50% -50% Normal Normal Normal Normal

Active Attack Destruction Slash 3 mp Enhancer
Ingame description Deals physical damage to a foe
and decreases its attack
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 6%
Damage Deal
115%107.5% at skill level 1
Physical damage to one enemy
Critical rate of 1.56%.
+5% to stun
Debuff inflict
-25%-18.75% at skill level 1
Attack to one enemy for 3 turns
Active DEF UP + / Nullify Magic 2 mp Tank
Ingame description Increases the defense of an ally
and nullifies magic damage once
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 12%
Buff Give
+15%+11.25% at skill level 1
Defense to one ally for 3 turns
Advantage Give one ally Immune to magical damage for 1 stack
Active Shield Guard 5 mp Tank
Ingame description Decreases the damage taken by the user
for 3 or 4 turns, makes it easier for
the user to be targeted by foes
Overdrive Charges overdrive bar by 9%
Advantage Give self
+80%+60% at skill level 1
Damage reduced for 4 stacks or 3 turns
Advantage Give self
150%113% at skill level 1
Provoke for 3 turns
Passive Physical defense up Tank
Ingame description Physical defense increased
+10%+5% at skill level 1
Physical defense
Passive Magic defense up/nullify magic Tank
Ingame description Magic defense increased and
1st time-only magic damage nullified
+10%+5% at skill level 1
Magical defense
Advantage 1 stack of Immune to magical damage
Overdrive Touch of Undeath
Ingame description Deals dark element physical damage to a
foe,decreases its attack,
and inflicts paralysis
Damage Deal
160%140% at overdrive 1
Dark type Physical damage to one enemy
with a bonus
+50%+33% at overdrive 1
element rateElement rate:
an elemental damage buff,
but for this attack only

Debuff inflict
-52.5%-35% at overdrive 1
Attack to one enemy for 3 turns
36%28% at unit level 1
to inflict Paralysis to one enemy for 3 turns
Warrior Phase – Momonga

Character name: Momonga Race: Undead Role: Tank Type: Speed

Momonga, ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Taking off his usual Magic Caster costume to expose his white body, which Shalltear admired as “beautiful crystal,” he equipped a one-handed sword and a round shield.

Momonga, who is a Magic Caster, has physical attack power equivalent to that of a level 30 warrior in Yggdrasil. As he has reached level 100 as a magician, there is little hope for him to increase his level or status as a warrior, even if he continues to fight and train as a warrior. However, even between those of the same level 100, important factors like reaction speed, memory, judgment, and battle experience can lead to victories and defeats that override their stat differences, and one can expect growth in their “player skills,” as they say in Yggdrasil. For Momonga, having already matured as a magician, including experience in actual battle and gaining battle experience as an inexperienced warrior is valuable “room for growth.”

Though an increase in level and stats is unlikely, he still hasn’t given up on the possibility, and has a collar around his neck that “increases experience earned in exchange for a reduction in ability.” This suggests that the gladiator-like appearance of Momonga is nothing more than a “growth experiment” in order to use himself as a test subject.

Even with his physical attack power being equivalent to a little over level 30, Momonga is equipped with skills that do not allow half-baked attacks to penetrate, such as upper-level magic nullification, stabs, and slashing weapon resistance. Of course, the level of difficulty in confronting him would be no more than that of a battle with a level 30 or so warrior…